How to unlock your iPhone 7 easily

An iPhone 7 is cool. However, apart from being unable to use your iPhone 7 with other carriers, your iPhone is not locked. The reason for this is that most of these carriers charge exorbitant fees and provide poor customer service because they know that you have no choice but to use them. Okay, that is until you decide to unlock your iPhone.

Like any enterprise, there are many ways to work, the same goes for unlocking your iPhone. Nevertheless, some of these methods are not safe, and you should weigh them carefully before settling for a certain method. The following are three known methods:

Software method

Unfortunately, this method only worked for the iPhone 3G. Do not waste your precious time or money banking to work on your iPhone 7. There was a flaw in the device’s hardware that was used to allow users to change their carrier as they desired. Apple identified the flaws and closed it, so this method no longer works.

Hardware method

This is the most risky method you can adopt. This includes physically opening your iPhone 7 so that its internal hardware can be accessed. This is normally done by a shady hardware technician who then fidgets with the hardware to get it to replace the carrier. The success rate of this method is disappointing, less than 30%. You can also forget about your warranty after opening your device.

IMEI unlocking

This is the holy grave to unlock your mobile device. This is the only method that is proven to work. Each iPhone 7 has a different IMEI; A unique identification code that is placed on Apple’s database, including other specific features of the phone such as its color, model number, and if it is locked to a specific carrier. Why Unlocking Lucky Stiff IMEI allows you to change the status of your iPhone to be unlocked by being locked to a specific network on the Apple database.

Getting the Best IMEI Provider

Many companies are offering IMEI services. However, some of them are scams. The following list provides the best IMEI service providers chronologically based on their price, customer service and ability to unlock your device:

They are at the top of the list and for one reason. They provide the best market value, their customer service is exceptional, and they can unlock any device you have. The only downside is that their services are limited to device owners in the US, UK or Canada. Their range of unlock is restricted outside the UK and North America.


They are not as effective as the other two. Their pricing is exorbitant, and they can unlock fewer phones than the other two. Their customer service is equally poor. Use them only as a last resort.

Wireless ip camera

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You simply install the camera and set it to stream to your computer, phone, or other mobile device. You can also be in another country and you can have a big view of what is happening at home or work.

The new systems have some amazing features including sound and motion detector, zoom, pan and live streaming.

Fake TV Detective

With the clever fake TV deterrent, any burglar would assume that you are home and awake and most likely move on to your next goal.

It uses LED lights to make movements around the room as if you were watching TV. This can be set with a timer if you are away, giving the illusion that someone is home. This is a simple, inexpensive and yet very practical idea that will help keep you safe at home.

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