How the online world has grown in the last decade

There have been significant technological developments in the world over the past decade. Microsoft attempted to buy Yahoo, Apple developed its ultra-thick Mac laptop, Honda began selling its zero-emission hydrogen fueled car, FCX Clarity, and a six-inch screen inside the stuffed leather cushion Wala released by Chumby, a small computer. The computer has Internet access and can show incoming emails, play games, and display news headlines.

Over the course of a decade, we realized how popular the Internet has become after a decade of use of technology. Our everyday life revolves around it. How often do you check your facebook feed? Or twitter updates? Society has become dependent on internet access in every aspect of life. The online world has developed into a conduit for business, entertainment, travel planning, schooling, communication and shopping.

Media access

Have you ever heard of the term “hot off the press”? This is from the time when the most current news was literally printed in a newspaper. Internet access and content providers evolved into a strategy for effectively organizing and distributing the latest news.

Once HTML was just the Times New Roman font, complete with a flashing link. Now content can be published online with RSS feeds, social networks, blogs, smartphones, tablets and a myriad of other tools. The content available to the world to watch has exploded over the last decade because every person now has an opportunity and the ability to listen to their voice online.

Can you hear me now

Personal communication has reached new heights. In early 2000, Internet usage was a stagnant phenomenon. If you had a cell phone, it was most likely a flip phone with none of the bells and whistles which is the standard fare for today’s choice. These days, more than 95% of Americans own a smartphone.

Having a phone that can stream movies, play endless music, plug in a personal GPS, play games, and access to the Internet and social media is an evolution of the last decade. With the use of smartphones, dependence on land lines has reduced greatly, making online facilities available at home as well.

social media

The development of Facebook, Twitter and other social media also used the Internet in a stable, social environment. We no longer see topics of interest on the Internet and occasionally join chat groups. Today we socialize on a minute to minute basis. We have the ability to interact with each other in real time, and the phenomenon is increasing.


Another area of ​​noteworthy development is the use of Wi-Fi. It didn’t take long for businesses everywhere to get on the Wi-Fi band wagon. With the development of smartphones and better laptops and eventually tablets, Wi-Fi gives users an unprecedented mobility with their Internet access.

Business owners were quick to realize that their customers wanted to stay connected online, and so began providing Wi-Fi hot zones for customer use. If you are having lunch at your favorite restaurant then you can tell your friends immediately. If you are on vacation and want to stream your favorite event, a Wi-Fi hot spot is available for your enjoyment.

Online streaming

No person on Facebook will not only miss a premiere on online social media, but will also never know that a program was liked only when it was available on TV. The concept of staying in a living room for a certain time and only getting up during advertisements is a lifestyle that is obsolete for the older generation, and unknown to the young. Streaming your favorite program or movie via Amazon, Netflix, or Hulu is how this generation rolls.

This can be done through streaming if there is availability to watch your favorite shows for a decade or more, or to catch up on the missed seasons from the previous year. Consumers can now watch any documentaries, movies, TV shows, exercise videos, and even music videos that they want, due to online streaming.


Another major change in the world as the online availability of the consumer shopping experience increases. One of the earliest known online purchases was in 1994, believed to be pizza from Pizza Hut. On July 16, 1995, Amazon opened for business.

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