Augmented Reality Apps with Free Vuforia

As we mentioned earlier, Vuforia is an important platform for augmented reality, which helps you reorganize current objects into 3D models. Beta testing of the definition shows that it has good capabilities and good reviews from users. The platform works on Windows, OS X, Android, iOS and Linux. You can use Vuforia with older versions of Soft and not worry about its upgrades.

However, why should you use this platform of augmented reality? There are many other good applications with the same option or better. To be honest, Vuforia is not the newest program in the region, but people are still using it. Why?

easy to use

In some cases, people face unhealthy interface problems (there are some unknown tasks, strange commands, hard algorithms, etc.). When working with Vuforia, you do not have to face similar problems. The developers seem to have considered this and created an easy interface with good navigation. Words and phrases are well printed and understandable to users. There is no long description or strange order.

Available to all

Some great applications get good reviews from customers. Nevertheless, some of them are unavailable to those who have an older version of a softer or older device, which cannot launch this platform or application. Vuforia developers made their platform approachable for older softwares such as Windows 7, which do not have updates. Vuforia also requires a little space on the device so you can download it without worrying about how much memory is left in your laptop or smartphone.

Smarter than you thought

Many times people have written poor reviews on the applications they use due to the small amount of tasks. This may require size or format, the ability to work with certain types of files or something more sophisticated. The work you need to do in Vuforia is: the format of the files, the ability to use VR eyewear (very often this is important). In addition, this platform can identify voice commands, so that you can work non-contact.

While surfing the internet, we can see that Vuforia is very popular and many people are working with it. There are hundreds of forums dedicated to the platform. People are offering advice and touting smart ways of working. Vuforia is and will remain the best application of its kind.

There is doubt about this, crime is a big issue these days and home security is an important consideration. Some areas may be slightly safer than others but there is always some risk. You need to protect yourself, your occupation and your family at all times.

Home security can be a costly exercise. Fortunately, technology is helping and there are many new gadgets on the market that are cost effective and will help protect your home.

RoboGuard Early Warning Sensor

Before detecting criminals, it is better that they come in once before entering your house or building. A normal alarm will alert you if a break has occurred, but an early warning system lets you know before you get there.

An early warning sensor by Roboguard is a good example of such a system. It is completely wireless making it easy to install and it can be moved if necessary. It is great for homes, businesses or farms.

Brinno PHV Digital Peephole Viewer

Common peepholes give you a very poor view of what’s outside the door. With the Brinno PHV Digital Peephole Viewer you get a very large, crystal clear picture on the LCD panel. The other great advantage is that unlike traditional peepholes, the digital viewer is suitable for people of any height.

Barking dog alarm

Dogs provide great protection against unwanted intruders. They will hear, see, smell or understand someone and immediately start barking. The problem with dogs is that they are high maintenance. They have to be fed, played with and taken care of while you are away. They become old or simply sick. Another thing is that not everyone likes dogs.

The correct solution is to get an electronic dog. The amazing barking dog alarm will make the unwanted guest use radar and microwave technology, even through walls and doors, and make a loud, realistic barking sound. This is highly likely to scare the burglars and you will be safe. The best thing is that it never gets sick and you don’t have to feed it.

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