Best app for drivers while traveling long distances

Long-distance driving can be difficult, especially when the driver is not used to the places where roads run. Fortunately, technology helps greatly in making navigation much easier. Through your smartphone, it is now easier to navigate your way through different routes. Traveling can be so much fun because of the long distance. However, if you get lost often, it can be fun road trip.

Navigation app

Smooth navigation helps make it easier for drivers when traveling long distances. Some of the best navigation apps are:


Anyone with a car or any type of vehicle is familiar with Waze. This user-friendly app allows drivers to navigate their way through traffic. The application is easy to use and is helpful in pointing you in the right direction whenever you get lost. All you have to do is pin the location you want to visit and follow the instructions that the app gives. It is available in almost all languages, making it even easier to understand.


This app is not only a navigation app, but also a planning tool, which helps you see more between your current location to your chosen destination. Once you choose where you want to go, the app will show you different points where you can visit and see available hotels and accommodation along the way. With this application, everything you need is just a click away.

Entertainment apps

Traveling long distances without entertainment is not fun. Music is a great form of entertainment, especially when you are driving for long periods. This app is great for drivers who are traveling far:


This music app lets you listen to a large collection of songs from every genre. Users have many playlists and can easily create their own. Songs of Tomorrow are easily available with just one click. The interface is simple and easy to understand. This is similar to having a radio in your mobile device but it is guaranteed that you will listen to each song.


If you are a fan of podcasts, then this app is for you. Get access to various podcasts while you drive. The app allows drivers and passengers to be entertained and informed during the drive as users have complete control over their listening experience.

App for Sights

The long distance drive is enjoyable, especially if you are familiar with the sights. If you are new to the region, it is best to search for popular tourist destinations to make the trip more memorable. As you drive, these apps can help you see those places:


Act like a local in a new city. Foursquare lets you discover the best restaurants, attractions and scenery in each city you pass. The app shows many useful tips based on location. With Forescue, you will know where to go.


Findery is a virtual tour guide, which gives you more information about each location you plan to visit. Inside the history, personal stories and sights of each city, try searching for the place you plan to visit.

Support application

Safety is important, especially if you are traveling on the road. Sudden allergic reactions or car accidents can occur without notice. Such emergency cases can occur during travel, which is why security apps are available. These are often useful during emergency cases:


This app is a comprehensive tool that helps you locate the nearest hospital or treatment facility in the vicinity of your current location. It is useful during emergency cases, as it informs drivers where they should go to seek medical attention.


During long drives, there may be instances when your car may break down or experience engine related problems. This app helps you locate the nearest mechanic at the most reasonable cost.

Smart ICE4family

This application communicates on behalf of the user when they cannot. It is ideal for emergencies that occur during long distance driving. Users can record a message that can be played during an emergency. It has a location finder as well as an alert that allows respondents to locate the person. It also shows the user’s medical history to help responders during emergency treatment.

These apps are helpful during long drives. Choose the people you need to make your long journey more streamlined.

Picks up

Each driver has different needs when it comes to long drives. Choosing an app is dependent on the driver’s requirements. Choose an app that will work for you and that will make your long distance driving enjoyable.

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