What is Apple's AirPods without bringing your own A game

For my ears, the virtual ear tips were a perfect fit. EcoBuds seated comfortably and was also safe without optional wings. With the wings folded, they did not move at all. The round shape of the earbuds makes it easy to tap with your fingers, yet are steady. Unlike Apple’s AirPods or Jabra’s True Wireless earbuds, it doesn’t have a protruding shank, giving EcoBuds a very clean and minimalist look.

One issue with true wireless earbuds – even with Apple’s dedicated H1 Bluetooth chip – is disconnection. Whether the earbud is losing its signals, or skipping a fraction of a second (or longer), that’s something we brought a fair amount of experience into in our review of the best wireless earphones.

Echo Buds proved ineffective with iPhone or Android device over Bluetooth. Even where other earbuds have been installed, EcoBuds have never been able to beat them.

It is also very flexible. You can use both, or you can only use one. When both are on and the sound is playing, just pull one of them out, and the sound will stop automatically. Bring it back and you’ll be back to your tune. The slack function works well, but I found the resume feature to be a little successful.

My hiccup was the initial pair of Eco Buds. On two Android devices, it worked as expected. The Alexa app recognized Echo Buds when I opened the charging case and placed it near the phone. My iPhone test didn’t run the process smoothly so I had to add EcoBuds through the app.

One of the most important features of EcoBuds is the on-board ANR developed by Bose. I’m still not clear about the difference between ANR and ANC (active noise cancellation) – which Bose uses on its flagship headphones – but I can tell you this: They work really well.

Operating a Bose ANR has an almost magical effect on low-level continuous noise, like the hump of machinery. I didn’t have the opportunity to put EcoBuds to another rover test – airplane – but when I stood by the fridge with the compressor running or my NAS hard drive running during a bad noise diagnosis, so those sounds were canceled completely. .

ANR is also effective in reducing traffic volume, background interaction in cafes, restaurants, and general ambient noise. In my gym, it was so easy to focus on the daily schedule of morning radio talk shows.

It’s not conical, but it’s effective enough that you appreciate the ability to leave outside noises temporarily with the scroll mode. Inside the EcoBuds settings, you can adjust the traffic amplification level. At its maximum setting, this feature not only helps with listening, but not only enhances the sound, but also amplifies it.

I wasn’t expecting EcoBuds to provide excellent sound quality, but it easily outperforms Apple’s AirPods. The sound is rich, complete and very satisfying. Sound is best described as “close.” The singing and the instruments feel right next to you, as though they are occupying a spacious place.

Alexa Echo headphones make more personal. If you have Amazon Alexa running in the background on your iOS or Android device, you can just say your favorite Alexa call. Each earbud does an impressive job of defining the three array of microphones when you speak. I managed to get Alexa’s attention while squeezing the electric trainer without raising my voice.

I still wish Amazon added support for more music services – specifically Google Play Music – but most people would find the ability to control Spotify, Apple Music, or Amazon Music (to name the big companies).

Echo Buds will also work with Siri and Google Assistant (depending on your device) but Alexa can only be hands-free at this time.

With no physical buttons, you can click on the soft outs of the EcoBuds to control your various tasks. The Alexa app lets you assign different functions to each earbud, but you only get two interactions: double tap and long press.

Double taps are recognized very effectively, but I ran into some problems with long taps. The trick is to treat the first part of a long press as a click – gentle touch will not work. I think I would rather have a click or three times instead of a long press, but Amazon tells me that the chosen combo was very deliberate. Whether you set any function to double-click, when a call comes in, the double-click will either answer or end.

You can choose from the normal media playback controls (play / pause, forward / skip backward) but there is no way to adjust the volume – something that is missing from even the major True Wireless earbuds.

Amazon audio hardware may be new to the game, especially when compared to Apple, but it clearly does its homework. After all, you don’t decide to just compete with Apple’s AirPods without bringing your own A game.

On paper, $ 130 Amazon Eco Buds do just that. They have five hours of battery life, an ergonomic design, an IPX4 rating for sweat and water resistance, Bose Active Noise Reduction, and hands-free access to Alexa – with Siri and Google Assistant compatibility.

But hardware is tough. Amazon is filled with cheap corpses of people who tried and failed to defeat Apple in true wireless games. Has Amazon Created a Set of True Wireless Buds that Deliver its Many Promises?

Amazon went into a lot of trouble making sure Eco Buds fit a wide variety of ears. There are three sizes of silicone ear tips with buds and three sizes of ear tips called “ear tips”. Perfect fit is important because the Bose Active Noise Reduction (ANR) feature works best when full shutdown is achieved. Amazon has an ear tip size tester – a tool within the Settings menu for the Amazon Alexa app – that helps you find the right ear tip size, and it works fine.

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