The Unlike the vast majority of other Android phones

There is a triple-lens camera in the upper-left corner, set inside a module that is smaller than many competitors. There is a large fingerprint sensor inside the power button on the side of the phone. it is much appreciated. While not as futuristic as an in-display fingerprint sensor, it is significantly faster and more reliable than the display readers found in phones at this price range. I will one day exploit the illusion of owning a more expensive device.

There are fingerprint sensors and color-specific reasons to take a closer look at the Honor 9X Pro. However, to reduce its overall size and weight, it will only appeal to those who want a much larger phone.

This is due to the large size of our phone – it has a 6.59-inch screen. It is crowded (especially for a budget device), but the resolution is modest at 2340 x 1080 pixels and resembles the same panel as the regular Honor 9X. It has an LCD screen, such as the Moto G stylus, and no OLD panel, something you can find on Samsung’s Galaxy A51. Notice the difference? Yes. The colors are not so vibrant or natural and the viewing angle is not so wide. However, due to the low price of the phone, it is still quite attractive.

The screen is flat without any curved edges, softening the look or reducing reflections. I found it difficult to get the right viewing angle on the Honor 9X Pro and it is not as bright when exposed to direct sunlight.

Still, for most everyday use, the Honor 9X Pro’s screen is good – especially for reading, social media, reading news, and massaging with friends. The selfie camera is hidden on top of the phone inside a motorized pop-up module so that there is no notch or hole-punch selfie camera to confuse you.

Unfortunately, like the Honor 9X, the 16-megapixel pop-up camera is loose. It took me two years after coming out of the body and then this worrying “click” that you can feel with the body of the phone. This is what I usually do not expect from the best Honor build quality. Slower means the 9X Pro doesn’t bother with the Face Unlock option.

The Honor 9X Pro lacks the most sophisticated screen technology, as well as the soft curves that make more expensive phones so modern. Nevertheless, it is good for general, everyday use.

The rear triple-lens camera features a 48-megapixel f / 1.8 main camera, f / 2/4 8-megapixel wide-angle camera, and a 2-megapixel depth-sensitive camera. Familiar words? This is exactly the same as fitting the camera with the Honor 9X, which was released in mid-2019. Honor seems to have tuned the software and it does not cross every image the same way, although it can still do so on bright and sunny days.

I do not have a vibrant, saturated picture in mind and many people understand that sharing such an image; But for me, some of the Honor 9X Pro shots have also been ridden. The camera can take wide-angle images and 2x zoom, but these shots are digitally cropped without a telephoto lens. Still, the zoomed photos are very good, showing enough detail without any damage. This is probably due to Huawei’s use of Honor’s great artificial intelligence camera technology.

Edge detection and focus using picture and aperture modes are much less successful, and when you’re trying to blur the background, the camera is not considered the best when you take objects out of focus with the object Capture. Even when using aperture mode, it misleads the edges into relatively simple shapes. Night mode effectively brightens images, but the shots lack life and detail.

Selfie without arrears is acceptable. Honor Beauty sets the mode as standard in Middleway, so keep an eye out for some skin smoothing, especially when using portrait mode. You don’t want to do it anyway, because Edge’s recognition isn’t good. I like some special modes including splash mode which removes all the colors and great photo-editing tools from the gallery app.

Taking pictures with the Honor 9X Pro is similar to doing it with the Honor 9X, an older phone that is cheaper to buy, it doesn’t seem like a good thing. These photos can be shared and the camera is fun to use, but not worth the cost.

The news on the software front is not good. At the top of my review is the Honor 9X Pro installing Android 9 with Huawei’s EMUI 9.1 and the November 9 Android security patch. This is a step back for Honors, as the 9X Pro not only puts Honor MagicUE on Android, but the original build of Android is quite old.

For just 300, you can buy Honor 9X Pro smartphone, which reduces the price of expensive phones like Google Pixel 3 and Apple iPhone SE 2020. But is it worth saving some money to buy Honor 9X Pro instead? Honor is known for its trendy design and specs that outrank the competition, the 9X Pro certainly offers – but sadly – that underpins the phone’s software.

Honor 9X Pro is a great smartphone. It is as huge as the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra, it is a few millimeters shy and although it weighs 20 grams less than the Samsung Giant – 202 grams vs. 222 grams – it feels heavier and heavier in your hands. The sides are not so well rounded and it usually feels thicker and wider as per the measurement advice.

Honor 9X has a plastic back, Honor 9X Pro has a glass rear panel so it has a new X design printed. The pixel art look of the 9X has been replaced by a more mature design that uses blue and purple gradient effects to display the X. It looks great, especially in the sun. Yes, it’s decent, but it’s different. You will not miss Honor 9X Pro for any other phone.

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