Local SEO for Franchisee

The business of marketing franchise on local networks is always a challenge for most franchisees, especially when it comes to SEO marketing. To get high rankings when it comes to search results one always needs to have multiple sites on one domain. However, this is always a major dilemma for most franchise businesses as it does not guarantee the expected results.

The use of local SEO for franchisees has emerged as a perfect solution to have a successful marketing campaign on the local network. Proper execution of local SEO campaigns guarantees success, and the following are some strategies that need to be focused on when it comes to successful localization.

Focus on primary website

The first area of ​​focus when localizing marketing campaigns for franchise businesses is the primary website. For a successful campaign, it is advisable to avoid duplicate content by all means. The best way for franchisors to avoid duplicate content is to come up with multiple versions of the original website for their franchisees. Many versions may have different images and slightly different copies.

Targeted localization

There are many examples where franchise businesses localize their SEO marketing campaigns without a specific goal. It is difficult to obtain any significant benefit by simply renaming the headlines or the city. Instead of focusing only on a geographic area or a city, it is a good idea for localization to focus on a small local such as a neighborhood.

More local or personal campaigns are required when it comes to local SEO for franchises. Localized landing pages and sites should have specific RLs and titles that are relevant to a particular local franchise business. It is possible to come up with instant discriminators by including personal information such as store hours, phone numbers and business name. In addition, each specific location should have a social media account, prominently displayed on the landing page with appropriate links or social sharing buttons.

Taking advantage of mobile users

Some of the largest brands nationally have local franchisees and it is important to ensure that all local businesses have good marketing. The number of mobile phone users has increased over the years, and it is important to leverage this growing audience by providing convenience for local search.

It is interesting to know that there are many mobile users who do not know about the franchise business in their area, and this audience can be captured by coming up with mobile responsive sites. The user should always be the first priority when building a website as it guarantees successful SEO campaigns.

Finally, localization of marketing campaigns from national to local networks is an effective way to achieve commercial success. However, a successful marketing campaign requires good planning and SEO strategies. Local SEO for franchisees makes it possible for users to easily find franchises within their locality.

Examples of useful strategies to consider when it comes to local SEO for franchises include; Focusing on the primary website, targeting localization and capturing the mobile audience.

Learn as much as you can

After identifying your niche, the next step is expanding your knowledge by taking new courses in your specialty area on campus or online. The technology industry is always growing and moving so fast. To be more salable in the job industry, keep up to date with the latest developments in the field in which you are training. Read magazines and be open to new ideas.

Create your own project

Develop cool applications or new software to sharpen your skills as well as gain experience. This will have a great impact on your hiring manager. Your projects can also be a source of income.


Freelancing provides flexibility because you can set your own schedule and choose the projects you want to work on. It also allows you to set your own price which in most cases is often higher than working as an employee. To start freelancing is easy because all you need is to create a LinkedIn profile or to have an account on freelancing websites like Freelancer and seek customers. Since there is a high demand for IT skills, it will not be so difficult to find customers and start working. Work hard and do quality work on time to build a successful freelance career.

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