How does the internet connect between continents

Answer: Via submarine communication transatlantic cable, a cable placed on the sea bed between land-based stations to carry telecommunications signals across oceanic sections. Cable is used for various types of telecommunications traffic including the Internet.

How to get internet across the sea?

Most of what you see and find on the Internet travels to you by underwater cable. 99% of all international data is transferred through cables spanning the bottom of the world’s oceans.

Orbiting the satellite helps to balance communication, relaying signals over long distances, or as a backup in the event of a communication failure. The cable is preferred over satellite due to its very low latency and high bandwidth.

How is data transmitted and received on the Internet?

Data transmission over the Internet is transmitted by the TCP / IP protocol in “packets”. The number of packets depends on the size of the data. The larger the file, the more packets are needed to transmit the file.

Each packet is like an envelope sent by post, with the actual data, part of the original file, inside the envelope. Outside, we have information that allows TCP / IP to process packets that merge the data inside with data from other packets from the same packet, in the correct order, to rebuild the file from the packet for. See also this book on how the Internet works.

The first communication took place on August 16, 1858, reducing the communication time between North America and Europe to less than ten days – the time it would take to deliver a ship – for a few minutes. Transatlantic telegraph cables have been replaced by transatlantic telecommunications cables.

Material of first submarine cable

The cable consists of seven copper wires, each weighing 26 kg / km (107 lb per nautical mile), covered by three coats of gutta-perch, weighing 64 kg / km (261 lb per nautical mile). ), And is wound with tarum hemp, above which 18 strands, each of seven iron strings, were placed in a close spiral. Its weight was about 550 kg / km.

Modern cable

Modern cables use optical fiber technology to carry digital payloads, which carry telephone, Internet, and private data traffic. They are typically 69 millimeters (2.7 in) in diameter and weigh about 10 kilograms per meter (7 lb / ft), although thinner and lighter cables are used for deep-water sections.

As of 2010, submarine cable connects all continents of the world except Antarctica. More on Wikipedia

Boats were laying cables

A cable layer or cable ship is a ship built in the high seas, which is used for underwater cabling for telecommunications, electric power transmission, or other purposes. Cable ships are distinguished by large cable vials to guide cables on the bow or stern or both.

Google’s Superfast Submarine Cable

Google’s ‘Faster’ cable is one of many underseat cables that connect the world and form a backbone for the Internet. The first cable across the Atlantic, which was used for telegram communication, was laid back in 1906. It features a “6-fiber-pair cable and optical transmission technology” and is located in two locations in Japan – Shima and Chikura – with connections in the US to expand the system to hub the US West Coast.

“This cable is the first of its kind, with multiple colors (100) light at different frequencies,” Holzle said in a Google Plus post.

“Every 60 km an iterative reactivates the light as it travels more than 9,000 km to sea level”.

Submarine cable repair

Check out these books on submarine cable repair. Submarine cables are very reliable, however, there are occasions when repairing a cable becomes necessary. Cable faults are caused by many incidents, both man-made and natural. Defects greater than 1,000 m in water depth are almost always caused by natural phenomena such as underwater seismic activity, underwater landslides, current friction, etc. At water depths less than 200 meters, faults are always caused by man-made activities such as fishing. Presenter.

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