What is Resident Evil 3 A classic reimagined

For more than 20 years, players have enjoyed the regular dose of imagination that Capcom brought to us in the Resident Evil game. However, this clever 1999 release of Resident Evil 3 is the first iteration of the franchise to be released in a world where the events leading up to it seem very familiar.

All Resident Evil games date in the wake of the viral outbreak – T-Virus, which was developed by Rogue Umbrella Corporation and initially brought to the fictional Racon City. Hence one of the first memes of the epidemic, which includes a laboratory with a logo at Zero Point in Wuhan, which looks like an umbrella, and some straw-clutching suggestions that are (almost) reversible for a raccoon. While we can all be thankful that it doesn’t really turn people into zombies, the Resident Evil 3 remake release appears surprisingly timely.

A reimagined classic
Resident Evil 2, the creation of last year’s new tech remake of Resident Evil 3 remake, affects in almost every possible aspect. As you would expect, gorgeous game graphics that would have surpassed the dreams of the original development team.

But perhaps the most impressive feature is that it deviates too much from the original game in terms of overall structure and detail of the story, while somehow preserving its general soul and overall story. It is a reimagining fit for the original, which sits more comfortably within Resident Evil’s all-encompassing act.

In Native Evil 3, for example, at various points, you had to make choices that lead to different story paths and, ultimately, different endings. Capcom has gotten rid of these: the remake has a story and an ending. This may sound retro, but in practice it gives the game more cohesion, and lengthens the story considerably (especially if you make it your job to locate every hidden area in an effort to find everything useful To apply).

Also, there’s a bonus: this time, you not only play like the much-loved Jill Valentine, but you can also take control of Karl (Olivera), a UBCS (Umbrella Corporation private army) agent, Joe collaborates with Jill. Carlos is equipped with a good assault rifle, so his sequences are more action-oriented, and usually encounter a large number of zombies at once.

Mutation: New Enemies Within
The initial gameplay for the Resident Evil 3 remake is very similar to the gameplay in last year’s Resident Evil 2 remake and the 2017 Resident Evil 7, which includes the original game, which mixes shooting zombies – gunpowder is the best at the beginning. So you should be good at using explosive red barrels and spark generators that grace the streets of Racone City – while unlocking new areas and finding the items needed to solve puzzles.

Jill’s first mission is to restore power to the Rachkon City metro, allowing survivors to flee the city on a lone train at a nearby station. Needless to say that the plan is not running smoothly.

Before long, he began encountering the infamous Nemesis, an organic, seemingly indestructible weapon created by Umbrella to track down the stars’ operators (of whom Jill is the only one left who is Racon Is in the city). Over the course of the game, Jill fights several boss fights with her, each mutating her – allowing each of those boss battles to have a different feel.

The Resident Evil 3 remake mixes familiar areas with the original game and sets in other Rachkon City – such as the police station, 24 hours before the events of Resident Evil 2 – with many new locations, and you introduce some excellent new enemies. Are not afraid to do.

Multiplayer: Survivor and Mastermind
The only criticism addressed in the original game was related to its short story, and while Capcom did a good job of expanding that in the new release, it’s not the longest yet – it took us over 15 hours to finish it for a while. Took time, but to run it quickly is an achievement on display. Less than two hours.

There is a fair amount of replay value on offer, thanks to the desire to discover all of its hidden secrets, but Capcom has also chosen to bundle it with a different multiplayer game called Resident Evil Resistance. Previous attempts to add multiplayer spin to the Resident Evil game scheme lacked credibility, but resistance, we are happy to report, shows a lot of hope.

This is very special, in which four players survive against another player playing the mastermind. According to the story, this is a period when how effectively Umbrella has evaluated biological T-virus-infected biological weapons launched against humans, so the company has randomly jailed several such teenagers Those who are late and 20 years old should cooperate to overcome everything and throw them away.

Some survivors are combat specialists, equipped with a choice of baseball bats, who do a lot of damage but are fragile (however, you can maintain their effectiveness with a repair kit – a range of usable items in resistance There is a wide range, but there are stock restrictions as the main game).

Playing as a mastermind, the card system defines the nets you can place and the ones you can deploy (you can control some of them directly, which is great fun). Also, at the end of the tour, you can deploy a special destructive weapon (in Annette Birkin’s case, for example, her strangely mutated husband, William).

Resistance also includes a live tutorial, with a training mode that is worth playing: it is important to gain intimate knowledge of both survivor qualities and masters (once someone in your group chooses a survivor, you should One has to choose different and different level layouts (completely maze) – there will be four at launch.

Prior to the launch, Resistance had matchmaking issues, which made it difficult to play in its full glory. However, we received a dose of Hands-On Preview.

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