Proctoring Services for Remote Recruitment

Proctoring is an online method for exam supervision. A candidate can take the exam anytime and anywhere. The proctor (invigilator) monitors the examination live or post-examination through a computer and checks the identity of the candidates.

Taking a proctored exam saves time, travel expenses, and the cost of an examination center. In addition, when taking online proctoring services, privacy is protected according to the new GDPR. As the examinee sits in a familiar environment, it boosts morale while managing the exam. This is similar to offline proctoring and security measures for the integrity of the exam as monitoring activities through the webcam during the exam.

More educational institutions and companies are adopting exams as opposed to traditional exams (exams). Companies are adopting online proctoring for their recruitment process and early adopters include Amazon, Cognizant, Honeywell, Walmart Labs.

To lead a recruitment drive, there are three ways in which online proctoring services can be obtained. They are as follows:

Online Proctoring Live
Proctoring Entered Three Methods of Online Proctoring for
Advanced Automated Proctoring
Recruitment In order to
lead the recruitment drive, employers must choose the appropriate online proctoring service provider for the company. Certain areas such as the company wants to assess the candidate, the skill level position is required, and the candidate’s authenticity must be revised before the test is rendered.

Live Proctoring Live

Here, a qualified proctor monitors the candidate through live audio and video feeds. Proctors are trained to ensure the authenticity of the candidates. They also look for red flags such as suspicious facial movements, eye movements, or the presence of an unverified device. In such circumstances, the proctor may either discontinue the examination or notify the company.

Proctor can handle 32 candidates at one time. Both the proctor and the candidate are connected on the Internet from any place.

The disadvantage is the lack of proctor availability, much like an offline proctoring. It is not scalable for the same reason.

Proctoring recorded

Here, the candidate’s movements during the exam are recorded and played back by the proctor to see any suspicious behavior. There should be no scheduling of any candidate or proctor for this. The candidate can take the exam at any convenient time and likewise, the proctor can review the exam. However, this method is expensive because it requires human intervention and is expensive on a scale.

Advanced Automatic Proctoring

This advanced form of proctoring does not require any human intervention. It records the candidate’s activities and monitors the feed for red flags indicating malpractices (if any). This eliminates manual interference and is scalable compared to other above mentioned methods.

Online Proctors can secure the integrity of the exam by limiting candidate login to specific IP addresses and blocking the copy-paste option.

Final note

Online proctoring tools maintain the integrity of the evaluation process. As a result, companies can assess and recruit talent beyond geographic constraints. With its reliable security and rigorous facilities, online recruitment will soon become the norm of the recruitment process.

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