Important tips on what to do if you drop your device in water

Accident or not, your valuable mobile devices fall into the water or get soaked in water, it can be very frustrating for anyone. Some people only do shell-shock while others just sit there and cry for depression. Okay, you can’t really blame them for doing this because everyone knows that electronic equipment and water don’t get good when mixed together.

Fortunately, there is still a way to revive your mobile device, even if it has fallen into deep water. You just need to do this very quickly and correctly so that your phone recovers completely. So here are some major tips to revive your mobile device after getting wet.

Take the phone out of the water as much as possible and turn it off

Quickly get your phone out of the water and turn it off immediately to prevent short circuits. If your phone is only in the water for a few seconds, then there is a good chance that there is no damage inside your phone.

The longer your phone remains submerged or immersed in water, the more water can seep into your phone’s interior and damage its components.
Do not panic and calmly take your phone out of the water, turn it off, and then proceed to the next step.

Remove accessories, sim cards, memory cards and batteries if possible
The next thing is to remove all removable items from your phone such as a cover, SIM card, memory card, earphones, screen protector, and if possible, a battery. Keep these things separate so that you can dry them one by one.

Dry device

Once all the removable items have been removed, try gently moving the device to flush out the seeping water in the body of your phone. After that, use a dry cloth to wipe your entire phone, including the cover, SIM card, memory card, earphones, screen protector, and battery.

If it is hot outside, try to keep your phone under direct sunlight to get rid of any moisture in the small parts of your phone. This method can sometimes be quite good, especially if the phone is soaked in water for only a few seconds.

You can try putting your device inside a small container filled with white rice, enough to completely submerge it. White rice is considered very good for absorbing moisture. You can leave your phone immersed in white rice for 12-24 hours.

If you have a vacuum cleaner at home, you can use it to suck out all the water that leaks into your phone. This will help suck up all the moisture from your phone’s port.

There are other ways to quickly dry your mobile device, but nothing beats using a vacuum cleaner and white rice. Not to mention that both of them can easily be found in your home, especially white rice.

Try and watch

If you feel that your phone is very dry, try to give it a shot. But if you can still see any evidence of moisture inside your phone like fog on the screen, then dip it again in white rice or vacuum.

Once all the moisture is gone, try turning the battery back on. If it turns on, it means everything is fine. With luck, your phone should be ready for use again. You can then proceed to put the baggage, your SIM card and your memory card back.

If it does not turn on, the battery may be dead. What you need to do at this time is try to charge it, but make sure it is completely dry first. If the phone is not charging, you may have a dead battery, which means that you will have to get a new one for it.

However, don’t buy a new battery, just bring your device to an authorized repair center like BuzzTech and tell them what happened to your phone. They may be able to detect damage on your phone and possibly repair it for you. Also, never try to disassemble your phone as doing so will endanger yourself from any harmful components inside your phone. It is best if you leave your phone open to a professional to dry out the moisture inside.

The conclusion

So it is very beautiful. Just be very careful though, as you will avoid leaving your mobile device in the water again. It is better if you just get a phone with a water resistance rating. So, you don’t have to worry about your phone getting wet. Just keep in mind that these phones are not completely water resistant. They resist water but to a certain level and for a limited time. Have you wet your phone device recently.

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