How to increase traffic to your site without buying links

Whether you have a site to sell products or services or for your personal purpose, it will not be successful without readers. When a person is searching for a product or solution, it should not belong to anyone else. You need to make your site SEO friendly.

Aim people, not search engines.

Search engines will not buy your product, real humans will. Aim in writing for the real buyer personality. Even before launching your product or setting up the site, who will use it. Pay attention to how your site will help them. When you address their issues properly, you naturally improve the SEO of your site.

Analyze your competitors.

Studying other influential bloggers / sites with high rank in their niche will also help them to represent themselves better. Analyze how they are receiving traffic. Which keywords are they targeting? What strategies are they implementing to achieve this? Study them that you can learn and do something similar.

Take care of on-page SEO.

Search engine optimization is another extremely important tool to attract traffic to your site. This is a lot more than filling keywords in your content. to start;

Install Google Analytics and verify your site in Google Search Console. This will help you in increasing keyword ranking and traffic. If you have a WordPress site, the Yoast SEO plugin will be helpful. Make sure the site is mobile friendly and fast.
Do some brainstorming for appropriate keywords.

Keywords somewhere like Chrome extension, MOZ SEO toolbar and Google Keyword Planner will help you do this. Focus on one main keyword per page. You can use long-tailed keywords.
Highlight the benefits in the meta description. Use keywords in tags, URLs, meta descriptions, headlines.
Include two or more outbound links for popular and authority sites.

Write compelling content.

An effective sales copy converts apprehensive readers into inquisitive, then into those who trust you. Establish your goal before writing – keep it precise and to the point. Write attention-grabbing headlines. Notice the correct image, this is the first thing that the readers see. Remember, readers do not want to know how good you are. Do not write for search engines and keep keywords inside. Focus on the subject.

Publish content more often.

No doubt, content is king. Quality content engages readers, but how often you are publishing is also important. If you do not publish new content often, your readers will not find anything new on your site and will start losing interest. If you want to increase traffic, publish quality content more often.

It is a time for socialization.

Do not underestimate the power of social media. Facebook alone has 1.5 billion users. If you do it right, you can increase your customer base manifold. Supposedly, you provide online web-designing classes. How will you promote it so that people come to your site and register. Simple, Advertise on Facebook! Similarly, you can also use Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube. An effective social media presence is mandatory for your site. Whenever you post something new, take it to social media – people should know about your site! Also, being active on social media does not let people forget you. Just make sure that the content you are writing is unique and shareable.

Try Quora.

There is nothing wrong in talking about your content, putting links to your posts or blogs in conversations, forums. Quora is one of the largest QA websites with 100 million monthly visitors.

Make the best use of email marketing.
You have no idea how useful emails can be. To get started, you have to capture the email of traffic coming to your site with a signup form or lead magnet. Do not hesitate to bribe your readers with e-books, checklists, video courses for membership. If you have emails, you can easily update them about your recent posts and bring more traffic to your site. Try MailChimp.

Earn link

You should “follow” quality from high-ranking sites and blogs related to your niche. Create and promote content that is worth linking to. Approach other high ranking sites to write a guest blog for them.

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