Affordable tools for web and graphic designers

If you are looking for new and useful extras in your tool bag, you can consider these tools to aid your creativity without breaking the bank. This has become the norm for Adobe’s product design industry. Although the license fee may not be cheap at all, the programs you get for the price are unmatched. Cloud includes Illustrator, Photoshop, After Effects, InDesign and more. If you are involved in multi-disciplinary work then this is the right choice.


However, if you are mostly interested in vector work and photo editing, then there may be a better option for you. Both the Affinity Photo and the Affinity Designer are amazing tools made by Serif. There is no monthly subscription fee and updates are free after paying for the license. They are compatible with most of Adobe’s tools, so you’ll be able to work with other designers as well.

Vector magic

Continuing on the vector train of thought, this stunning tool is capable of transforming bitmaps into vectors. What’s more, it can be used both online and on your desktop. Even if you think about it otherwise once you have a look on its website, it is definitely worth the money. +

Movavi video converter

If you are looking for an inexpensive tool that has amazing features, this may be just the thing for you. This amazing video converter enables the user to convert any file type in just seconds. It also comes with great editing options and a simple and clean user interface.

what the font

Another tool for identifying fonts, helps WhatsApp designers find the font by taking screenshots and submitting it. If there is no close match, the designer can also use the platform to try and find an answer.

Contribute to open source

Contributing to open source provides a rewarding way to learn and gain experience. With open source, you get a chance to network and form lifelong partnerships or friendships with people from the same open source community as you. You also get patrons to guide you through your projects.

You do not have to contribute code to an open source project. You can offer to plan events such as project documentation, workshops or conferences, design or reorganize layouts, or create a new logo for the project.

Learn digital marketing

Digital marketing refers to advertising products or content through digital mediums such as social media platforms, mobile apps, search engines, or websites. Marketing is about connecting with people at the right time and place. Offline marketing and other forms of traditional marketing are not as effective as people used to spend time online. Therefore, it is important to learn what digital marketing is and how it enters so that you can connect with your audience and advertise your products online. You can research courses on campus or digital marketing tips to gain more knowledge on the subject.

Find a mentor

A mentor will help you choose the right career path, offer offers, go through your cover letter or help practice for a job interview. He will look at the areas you need to improve and be brutally honest with you. They will point out your weaknesses and help you turn them into strengths.

A good mentor will find ways to encourage your personal and professional development. They can do this by setting goals for you and see from afar to see if you can accomplish them. After that, they will evaluate you to see if these projects have helped you grow, then advise you accordingly. Mentors also play the role of connectors because they can provide access to people who are willing to invest in your company or hire you for their skills and talents.

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